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3rd Grade Learning Games
3rd Grade Learning Games 

3rd Grade Learning Games

Third 3rd Grade Learning Games are a great way to build the foundation skills that a 3rd grade curriculum requires. These learning games are fun. These learning games teach important skills. These learning games  will help build skills and they can measure their own progress. Click for infornation on a great online 3rd grade program.
Third Grade Learning Games - complement of Novel Games

 About Parenting in an Electronic Age 

We support parents of preschool and elementary age children. Starting with parent questions about internet viewing, we consider a range of parenting questions about media in the electronic age.
We provide a directory of articles &  resources for organizations to place on their website (free of charge).
These resources are for parents to help them support, protect, and supply their elementary school children
with the best educational online resources and with safe appropriate media experiences.
We strive to help parents struggling with information age challenges such as web sites and internet access
as well as issues of how much TV, what movies are acceptable, what music is inappropriate, what types of electronic
games. Please consider:
  • Getting your homeschool group or school to post the PEA Resources on their website
  • Getting your church or synagogue to post the PEA Resources on their website
  • Having your parents, PTA, library, boy or girl scout, or team newsletter list these resource on each newsletters.
  • Having a link to this site - the PEA site - Parenting in an Electronic Age
Please consider the excellent advice provided to you and how to circulate it within your community.
We are also able to provide customized materials for your website upon request.
To contact us, please email
We also will provide link exchanges to sites with complementary visions bout empowering parents to use technology progressively in this electronic age.
Resources & Technology
InspireBrilliance - A leading educational consultants guide
SafeKids - A family guide to making the Internet and Technology fun, safe and productive.
Let's HomeSchool - A compilation of homeschool and educational resources.
Homeschoolers Love the Reading Skills Pyramid - Illustrates the NCLB methodology.
Online Reading & Math - Skills & Fun - Try
Dyslexia, the Gift - Information and Resources for Dyslexia

Best Kid Learning Sites 

Online Math & Reading & Fun - - A complete system
Science Songs from the 60s
Todays-Learners - Learning in Todays World

Online Learning Resources


Reading & Reading Skills

Reading Skills Pyramid

Math Skills


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