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The truth is that death, taxes, and the weekly spelling test are inevitable. It's odd that for homeschool students and studnets in public, private, parochial or charter schools, one of the few constants is the weekly spelling test. The teacher gives out a lit of spelling words, the kids study them, and on Thursday or Friday, they are tested.

This article is to point you towards a great innovation that will help with this, we highly recommend the best spelling program. a a free online website called And I quote:. makes teaching spelling fun.
Can you picture a classroom of students who actually look forward to studying spelling words? Can you imagine having the children in your class having as much fun studying spelling as they do playing video games? is a free spelling tool that can help you make teaching spelling more exciting.  With online spelling games, spelling reviews, and spelling quizzes, your students can memorize those weekly spelling words while having fun, and you will have a new tool in your box for teaching spelling. turns your weekly spelling list into a game.

Do you look forward to studying your spelling words?  Do you think your weekly spelling test is fun?
We know that studying spelling words is usually not what you would consider fun, but would like to change that.  Imagine yourself playing spelling games online the day before your spelling test, and ending up with an A! Say goodbye to boring memorization and hello to fun spelling games.

Please accept their free spelling help.

Internet  Kids Safety - Understanding the Risks & How to Manage Them

"As parents, we understand the risks that come with our children's growing independence and we know how to protect and advise them. I remember when my young daughter wanted to ride her bike around the block on her own. I was anxious but I let her go. I understood the risks and where the boundaries should be set.

"Unfortunately, this same understanding of risks for kids is not true for most parent with the internet. Most parents are unaware of the risks and dangers that await kids on the Internet. As wonderful a tool as the Internet is, it has many sites that are not age-appropriate for our children, sites with opportunities for our children to interact with strangers of all ages, and places that put children at risk for harm such as bullying, personal encounters, and addictive behavior." Strange though it may seem, a child can be very influenced by a stranger or group of strangers over the net and can make terrible lapses in judgement in giving out personal information

Internet Safety
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We support parents of preschool and elementary age children. Starting with parent questions about internet viewing, we consider a range of parenting questions about media in the electronic age. Parenting seems harder but actually, technology can help in many ways but it's impact on your family does need to be managed.
We provide articles and a small directory of key resources for organizations to place on their website (free of charge).
These resources are for parents to help them support, protect, and supply their elementary school children
with the best educational online resources and with safe appropriate media experiences.
We strive to help parents struggling with information age challenges such as web sites and internet access
as well as issues of how much TV, what movies are acceptable, what music is inappropriate, what types of electronic

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